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E-Commerce or E-Business is about using Internet technologies to transform the way key business processes are performed. Its most visible form is online purchasing, both wholesale and retail. 

The cutting edge of business today is electronic commerce (e-Commerce). Broadly, defined, electronic commerce is a modern business methodology that addresses the needs of organizations, merchants and consumers to cut cost while improving the quality of goods and services. 

The term also applies to the use of computer networks to search and retrieve information in support of human and corporate decision-making. There is a range of e-Commerce opportunities that depend on the nature of the business and the customers it serves. The major opportunities in online business today are 

Retail sellers on the Internet can sell high quality, specialized products that appeal to an audience of affluent, well-educated and well-informed people.

Wholesalers, Distributors and service providers can sell to businesses that have embarrassed E-Business and that demand the convenience and efficiencies of buying from a website.

Companies that already have a corporate website and an efficient network operation can establish subsidiary sites for related, ancillary, or consumable products.

Businesses selling products that can readily be distributed over the Internet such as software, news about local events, sports etc can expand their customer bases.

Businesses selling products that can be sampled on the web such as magazines, recorded music etc can promote them economically.

Businesses selling products that are subjected to frequent changes such as airline tickets, financial instruments etc can reduce production and obsolescence costs because they offer only current products on the site. They can also adjust pricing in real time in response to fluctuations in demand. 

Primary Benefits of e-Business 

Global Accessibility and Increased Profit
An e-Business can receive orders from any country in the world. With e-Business, companies reach more and different customers and gain exposure in new markets not covered by existing physical channels, thus increasing the profits.

Improved customer service and loyalty
e-Business enables a company to be open for business whenever a customer needs it. Up-to-date information about product can be offered on the web, making it easier and more convenient for customers to serve themselves. 

Combining the interactive nature of the web with a proper understanding of a customers needs helps a merchant to provide products and services built to order for each customer, and thus to build a long term relationships, increase loyalty and sustain a competitive edge.

Shorter time-to-market
e-Business makes for fast and flexible execution and response to market opportunities. The web enables a company to introduce a new product into the market, get immediate customer reaction to it, and refine and perfect it.

Supply chain integration
e-Business enables the full integration of the business, making the entire supply chain more efficient from the point of customer contact all the way back through physical distribution, ware housing, manufacturing, resource management and purchasing. 

With the types of Internet services and technologies catching up, e-business forms a major part of trading worldwide. And with more and more banks and other financial institutions becoming online, the prospects of electronic trade or web based trading have increased many folds. When we look at the service provider point of view in e-business, we can classify them as mainly. 

ISP (Internet Service Provider) 

ASP (Application service Provider) 

LSP (Logistics Service Provider) 

Internet service providers are those people who provide the services for Internet net connectivity at various speeds as per the demands of the user and according to their service providing capability. 

Application service providers are the class of Internet citizens who provide application, i.e. Develop and support applications on the web and provide all kinds of application development and support as per the clients demand

Logistics service providers are those who mainly do more of consultancy over the web than doing application development and deployment. 

ASP's and LSP's cannot exist on their own i.e., they are interdependent but more than that the basic factor is that the service provided by the application and logistics people are mainly depended on the type of service provided by the ISP's.

The proposed Commerce Dubai partnership

Realisation of the relationship
Business relationship can be successfully worked out with possible investment and revenue models. Revenue generation has to be resolved on four different plans: 

Short term plan 

Mid term plan 

Long term plan 

Full term plan 

All the above-mentioned services and solutions are feasible in the proposal to have a working plan.

Customer Benefits and Services

The proposed solution is bound to bring about a fully functional Information Infrastructure. The advantages of the solution include 

Uniqueness in approach to Internet Commerce. 

Scalability of solution to match diverse needs of clients

Adaptability to present day global Internet based Tourism 

Handling of diverse merchant business models

Ensures secure purchasing

Ensures future Internet payment vehicles such as debit cards and electronic     checks to Internet customers. 

Features Of The Website

Shopping Cart
A virtual shopping cart is an integral part of the site. The user will have the option to purchase any quantity of the displayed products or vacation packages. 

They will be able to insert or remove any of the products from their cart and keep track of the total amount purchased at any time. The system can calculate extra charges including shipping, handling, and taxes. The system can also generate an order number and present it to your customer for order status follow-up later.

Inventory Availability
If desired, inventory levels can appear informing a customer of the availability of each item either in actual quantity or as an "in stock" flag. Date of availability, including back order dates and quantities can be displayed if the information is available. If required, this section can be password-protected for selected accounts. 

Password Protection
Any part of the Web site can be protected by a password to restrict entry. If a section is for internal use or for special customers, the user will be prompted to insert a password for entry into that section. 

Secure Credit Card Transactions
Mint Valley has a credit card interface which will allow the cards to be either authorized while the customer is on the site, or the processing can be done by the server after the customer has left the site. 

The resulting credit card information submitted with the order would then have the authorization code and address verification information you need. If you prefer to do these from your back office system, the site will simply pass you the credit card information. 

When the customer gets to the credit card form on the Web, our registered secure server takes over to assure a secure passing of their information.

E-Mail Order Confirmation
The server can be set up to send an e-mail order confirmation to a customer. This will assure them that the order was received and logged on the Web server and will give them the necessary tracking information if order status and tracking is available on your site. 

Order Forwarding Options
Orders and quotes taken from your customers can be transmitted to you in several ways. The orders can be immediately e-mailed to the appropriate e-mail address at your location. The salesperson can also receive a copy of the order at his e-mail address. 

The orders can be automatically faxed to you, which is often preferred when there is credit card information. The orders can be retrieved on-line over a secure browser through the system administration module. Finally, Mint Valley e-commerce can export the orders in a pre-determined format so you can import them into your system for processing.

Order Status and Tracking
You can pass information to the Web site to inform your registered users as to the status of their order(s). We can display whatever information is provided from the back office system for your customer to see the status of his order. 

This information can be refreshed as many times during the day as required. You simply send the information to the Web server in the pre-defined format and Mint Valley e-commerce automatically picks up the file and updates the status information. 

The above contents are a short summary of the project to be undertaken and therefore any clarification on the above subject can be kindly sought from us. 

Send an e-mail to  stating who you represent and what you would like to promote and we would be happy to assist you.







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